Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas #1

Our first Christmas celebration this year began with a trip to Minneapolis to meet up with my parents. We kicked off the trip at the Waterpark of America in honor of Jeffrey's birthday.
It was so fun- and HUGE! Everyone had a blast. My camera was locked up the whole time but I did snap this quick picture with my phone before we left.
We stayed at the Embassy Suites of course- our old trust favorite. Free big breakfast and free snacks and booze at night- can't beat that! This was the picture I sent to my sister Amy to make her jealous that she wasn't there eating it... it's her favorite hotel too.
The second day we went to The Wild Rumpus bookstore- which I know I've talked about repeatedly but it's definitely another fav for our family.

Then my mom and I ran to a few more shops in the neighborhood while the others went to a toy store. We found these amazing felt flowers and I bought the pink one. Aren't they unique?
After that we headed to the Mall of America for lunch and some shopping. They had a promotion going on where if you turned in so many dollars of receipts you got a bunch of points for Nick Universe- so we were able to take advantage of that a couple times. :) They aren't good until the next time we go but we are stocked up on points now that's for sure!

Hard to believe but our day was just beginning at this point... more to come tomorrow!

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