Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun party day at the Websters!

This past Saturday we head to Matt and Katie's house to celebrate Becky's 30th birthday...
Paul and Bobbie were able to come from Minneapolis too- as always, it was great to see them!

The kids had a wonderful time- they love playing with their cousins any chance they can get.

Jenny made Becky a vest out of duct tape?!?!?! Jeffrey had to try it on. I think it looks great with his Davey Crockett hat.

Jenny is always so creative...

Legos seem to be the go-to toy lately with all the boys. I love legos too- except I vacuum them up a lot on accident. :(

Smiley Isaac- so sweet!

Thanks for hosting everyone at your house Katie! You have way more energy than I ever did at 8 months pregnant! We are so excited to meet the new babe!

Mary Beth got early birthday presents from the Brooks. Thanks again guys- she loves them!

Quite, sweet, little Annie. I love playing with you and Mary Beth- it's so cute with your little strollers and babies! You're going to be a great big sister Annie!

So pretty! You sure love girly-girl stuff now: jewelry, purses, gloves, hats, babies, bows, ect.

Mickey wearing the hat I "made" for him out of a girl's hat. shhhh.... don't tell him that!

I never got a picture of the birthday girl's face! Sorry Becky! But here you are- Happy 30th!

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