Wednesday, March 3, 2010


mary beth calls all high heels "tall-up shoes" or "tall-ups". we think this is extremely cute so we call them that too. her first pair of tall-ups were her fancy Christmas shoes from 2 years ago. she insists on wearing them to this day(even though they are WAY to small). she has new ones but they are not as tall-up as the first ones so she doesn't like to wear them. she now has her eyes on a pair of tall-up sandals for summer- she tries them on every time we go to target. i'm not really keen on putting a four year old in shoes that have heels but what is a mom to do?? tall-ups are one of her great joys- i don't want to deny her this. so i'm sure i'll break down and buy the stinkin' tall-up sandals...
these pictures are the original tall-ups: "look, they still fit!"
the spots on her foot are the stamps she gets at gymnastics from her coaches.

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