Friday, March 12, 2010

junk food at school

There's something that REALLY bothers me: my kids getting junk food for snack at school. Every year the teachers send notes home saying to send healthy snacks on your child's designated snack day but then immediately my kids begin coming home almost every day saying they had cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, fruit snacks(newsflash: those aren't healthy!), candy, ect. It drives me crazy that I can't control this! At our school the kids don't begin bringing their own personal snack every day until 2nd grade so my kindergartner and 1st grader have to eat SUGAR almost every day for 2 years for a mid-morning snack!!! Would it be totally crazy for me to ask the teacher if my kid can just bring their own snack and not partake in the group snack? I've been telling myself not to be "that lady" but I think it's time. I would NEVER give my kids a cupcake at 9:30 in the morning at home! So why am I ok with it happening at school? I put so much energy in making sure they are eating really great food at home- it just makes me so frustrated that it is all foiled at school. In Bismarck there was a public school that made it mandatory that the snack that was brought could only be a basic fruit or vegetable- I LOVE that! If that is suggested ever at other schools(I've tried) the teachers always say that they can't do that because some families cannot afford to buy them. Bananas and carrots, ect. are not expensive though! The only solution is for me to send our own snack I guess- I'm going to see how that is received with the teachers... just venting...

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  1. You should say something for SURE! I bet the teacher's think the same thing.."Thanks a lot for trying to be the fun mom bringing in cupcakes and then leaving me to deal with hyped up kids the rest of the day!" First, I always think kids should bring in their own snack everyday anyways...but if that's not their rule, they need to be better about enforcing the healthy thing. What's funny is that one year, for my daughter's birthday when she was in 6th grade, I brought in fruit kebobs...just fruits on a stick! The kids LOVED I just gave them a basket of candy! And the teacher said some snide comment to me like, "Well, you must have lots of time!" (She has a bad attitude obviously!) I thought, "Would you rather me bring in Mountain Dew?"
    This is the stuff where I think "I know why moms choose to homeschool!"
    When I was a kid we had morning recess, (remember TWO recess's?) and we'd go out on the playground with our little baggies of pretzels or carrot sticks or whatever our mom packed for us, eat it, and run around.
    Times have changed!