Tuesday, March 2, 2010

oh Bella...

Bella is naughty. there, i said it. here are some things that Bella occupies 99% of her time with: licking food of plates in the dishwasher(obviously), howling, LICKING, jumping up on people, jumping up on chairs, jumping up on tables and the island, stealing our food(ask Sarah), trying to jimmy the latch on her kennel with her claw, LICKING, making weird annoying noises for endless amounts of time when she wants out of her kennel, sneaking down to the basement the first second you aren't looking, LICKING, sneaking upstairs to poop and pee on my white duvet, taking a flying leap into people's arms(uninvited), LICKING incessantly, smelling EVERYTHING, rolling her water bowl across the room when she wants water, LICKING, begging, and looking so stinkin' cute you can't stay mad at her longer than a minute. You know that movie Marley and Me? Well, John and I didn't gasp at any of Marley's antics because we experience them firsthand every day of our lives. In fact, Marley might be better behaved than Bella. sigh. I don't think it's right that our dog is harder to take care of than our 3 kids combined(even when they were 3, 2 and newborn!).

There's only 1 person in the whole world who, despite all of her horrible traits, LOVES Bella more than anything else: my sister Amy. Amy and Bella are bffs, soul mates, and just plain ridiculous. When Amy visits Bella just stares at me like "oh good, my rightful owner is finally here" Oh well, sorry Bella- you'll just have to be content with the stolen moments you and Amy spend together a few times a year...
Amy: Bella says miss you.

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