Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my school is a zoo!

have you read that book? if not you MUST- it's so cute. oh, yeah- happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! a sneaky little leprechaun turned our toilet water green and the boys wore leprechaun hats at school all day.
today the zoo came to mary beth's school. they brought a snake, baby snapping turtles, a ferret, a blue-tongued skink, a toad, and a chinchilla. the kids had such a good time! i was having panic attacks about salmonella of course, but what else is new?? i would only touch the ferret just to make sure one of us didn't die from the nella later... surprisingly though mary beth is still ok(except for the horrible cold she has).
do you remember the party planning committee's idea on The Office for a 2-way petting zoo: you pet the animals and they can pet you back??!!?? that was hilarious! the zoo thing made me think of that.

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