Tuesday, September 10, 2013

backyard camping & zoo day {july 28}

These pictures are actually from July 28th but I forgot to post them back then!  I will put them here for now and then move them back where they belong later...(I like to keep things in chronological order).
The kids had Emma and Norah over for a backyard campout.  John made waffles in the morning and they lounged around and played until afternoon.

These kids have the best times together... never fight, love playing all the same things... they've been best buddies for 5 years now.  We are lucky to have them so close.  I hope we get to watch them all grow up together for a lot longer. :)

Boo got tired after all the excitement and snuggled in to the tent for a morning nap.  She's so cute when she isn't terrorizing people, isn't she?

Somehow they all ended up on the roof of the garage while John was working on something.  They were pretty pleased with themselves! :)

Meanwhile, I was busy spray painting this awesome wooden highchair I scored for only $5 at a yard sale the day before.  It is pretty big and very sturdy.  I think it will be perfect for the new baby!  I'll show you how it turns out.

That afternoon we went to the zoo.  The weather was perfect. 

This cow's tongue was crazy!!  Jeffrey kept wanting to feed him but didn't want it to touch him.

The other highlight of this zoo visit was that the sloth was moving around.  It is a rare sighting.  Sloths are one of Jeffrey's favorite animals and so he was ecstatic!

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