Thursday, September 12, 2013

scrappy garland for the teepee and found kids' chairs makeover

These pictures are from back in August... days before the big yard sale.  The kids and I began setting up their teepee in the front every day because there was no wind and sometimes it's fun to play in the front instead of the back!  I also did a spontaneous mini yard sale for 3 half days... trying desperately to sell some big things that were taking up a lot of space in the garage where I was trying to organize for the BIG sale.  It worked!

I wanted to add some cuteness over by the teepee and so I made a garland- consisting of bright colored scraps I had in my fabric stash.  We loved it!  I have since made many more of these and they are currently being sold at Unglued in downtown Fargo.  The ones there are about 3yds long.

My next project this particular day was recovering these adorable kids' chairs I found during junk week a couple years ago.  They were both covered with that red fabric when I found them.  (dirty)  I ripped the first one off that same night and found a fantastic 70s oilcloth underneath!  I was so excited until I ripped the 2nd one off and found a huge gash that someone then tried to fix with a lot of glue or something weird.  It was gross- it's had to describe...  You can kind of make it out in the picture below.

Well, I remembered that I had some cute pink oilcloth that I had bought last year and tried to make a booster cushion for MB with(didn't work so good) so I unscrewed the cushions, pried out the gross glue stuff, filled in the hole with some batting, and stapled on the new oilcloth.

We LOVED how they turned out!
This table(below) was also a junk week find on the side of the road.  It's a children's folding table.  The top is uncovered so I just throw on one of my vintage tablecloths for them.  They love to color and do projects on it.  And so do their friends!  Oh and don't worry, that silver can is not a beer- it's a Arnold Palmer(half lemonade/ half ice tea) and it was mine. :)

If you are wondering about the other cute little chairs... the pink one was yet another free find that I painted pink and kept the original contact paper on.  The other 2 fantastic chairs were only $2 at a yard sale a couple years ago!  They are my favorite.

I thought I'd close with this- 3 of the 5 gorgeous, vintage blankets my friends from Minot brought me on this particular weekend.  I will show you the other two soon!  The yellow doll one is now residing on Mary Beth's bed by the way.  She LOVES it.


  1. You're so awesome at remaking things I wouldn't have taken a second glance at! Also, thanks for giving me a great reason to go to Unglued (as if I need a reason).

  2. Thank you!!! I know, isn't Unglued THE BEST???