Monday, September 16, 2013

Adoption Update: State Seals from Secretary of State... DONE!!!

YAY!!!!  Today we received our dossier documents back from the ND Secretary of State office.  They had to go there so that all of the notarizations could be certified.  I also had to send my birth certificate to the Wisconsin S. of S. because the documents have to be certified in the state where they came from.
So why are we so excited about this?  It means that now we can mail off all of this to Washington DC where a courier service(that we have to hire) will hand deliver our 13 certified dossier documents to first the US Department of State and then The Embassy of the People's Republic of China.  Once it is done at those two places the courier service(we are using The Assistant Stork) will pick them up and overnight everything to our agency in California.  Next step... it will all go to China!!! Which is a very good thing.

To celebrate we had everyone's favorite meal!
Happy Day around here!
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