Saturday, September 7, 2013

front yard tree swing {best thing EVER}

So, we've been wanting to do this forever- about 5 years!  And today it was going to happen- I was deteremined!  I will spare you the ugly details of the events leading up to the sucessful installation but let me just say there were:  tall ladders teetering precariously against the tree, organic bags of beans and wheat berries exploding all over the ground, a roof rake, threats, and some grumpy words being exchanged.  We almost gave up several times until a combination of all of the above finally worked.

And boy, was it ever worth it.  This is SO FUN!!  The kids are in love.

Some friends stopped over to give it a whirl and they all had a blast.
I have to be sure to get pictures of the boys on it next time!
A special thank you to dear, sweet husband/daddy for risking life and limb for the kiddos happiness today.  You are the best!

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