Monday, September 23, 2013

Fargo German Festival {Rheault Farm}

On July 21st(I'm a little behind with this one!!) we spent the afternoon at the German Festival.

Jeffrey discovered the blacksmith at German Festival.  And was going to stay put until the Fest was over.  We mentioned to the blacksmith Jeffrey's ambitions of becoming one himself someday and before we knew it:

He was putting on an apron and helping out!

They let him do everything... and he was in HEAVEN!


The finished product...

His own iron hook!  He was so proud... and so were we!

Earlier that day we also made these beautiful ornaments from clay and antique German molds.

But sadly,

we ended up leaving that day without going back to get them.  I guess the blacksmith experience distracted us too much!  I'm so upset we left them but maybe they will do them again next summer.

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