Saturday, September 14, 2013

Junk Market 2013 {adoption fundraising}

Today I spent the day in the Modern Textiles Booth At Junk Market in the Echo Chic parking lot which happens twice a year.  How did this come about, you ask?  Well, I met the fabulous gals of Modern Textiles on a few occasions and they so kindly and generously offered to let me sell my chandelier hoops and mini scrappy fabric garlands at their booth- keeping 100% of the profits for our adoption fund!  How lucky was I??  So I kicked it into high gear the week before(amongst all the crazy adoption paperwork and planning/throwing Mickey's birthday party) and produced enough product to participate without it looking too silly.

The morning started out great- no rain and a light breeze.  I was making sales right off the bat and everyone commented on how cute they were.  Plus, as an extra bonus, I got to hang out with Roxanne and Connie and get to know them better!  They are 2 of the nicest girls around by the way. :)

Across the way, The White House Boutique was very kindly displaying the rest of the costume jewelry that was donated to us during the yard sale... remember that story?
Look how cute she displayed it all!!!  I'm so happy I met Katie- she is another kind, generous soul and we definitely share a love for junk and painted furniture!  I got to peek in her house btw and it is SO GREAT!!  I felt so blessed to be given this opportunity by these wonderful ladies!

Unfortunately, about 1 hour or so in, it began to rain... and it only steadily got worse from there.  Despite the pouring rain, people still showed up and I ended up selling quite a few garlands and hoops. None of the jewelry sold, however, but I am confident that I will find an opportunity to make that happen in the future.  Anyone know of a place that would be interested in buying some and then reselling it??  I'm all ears!

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