Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Barn

Today Mary Beth's class went to "baby barn" at NDSU. The kids had a wonderful time seeing the baby animals and petting them. This is Mary Beth's best friend Maggie- she has just returned from a 6 week visit to Arizona so Mary Beth was so happy to be reunited with her.
This is the closest she would get to the horse so I could get a picture.

Mary Beth and her good friend Jada with a baby cow. The cow sucked on that lady's finger for 5 minutes(gross)!
Little bunnies. They were for sale 2 for $15 but I didn't think Bella wanted to share her house with rabbits- I'm sure there would have been quite a bit of howling.

Mary Beth's group(half her class and a couple of younger siblings thrown in too.)
Good times.

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