Monday, April 19, 2010

goats and worms

Saturday morning I was going through a pamplet that listed upcoming fun events and noticed that the zoo was having an Earth Day party on the 24th. So I got everyone all excited and we got ready fast and headed to the zoo. The only problem was it wasn't the 24th- that's next Saturday. Huh. Oh well- it was still super fun since it was our first time at the zoo this spring and the weather was REALLY nice. Guess we'll head back again on the 24th!
Jeffrey wore his racoon hat. I love that. A lady had a bearded dragon out for touching. Salmonella anyone?

Checking out the fish in the pond.

There were baby goats and Jeffrey was in seventh heaven. He wants one soooo bad.

Right after I took this picture the goat kicked Mickey's arm and he literally DROPPED the baby goat. I screamed. Everyone stared. The zookeeper didn't seem impressed. Mickey kept crying out "but he kicked me!"

Mary Beth loved them too. I think every single animal is adorable when it's a baby, don't you?

These two kept playing "king on the mountain" as the boys called it. They were butting eachother off the rock. It was hilarious.
Look at that cow's tongue!!! Gross. Jeffrey HAD to feed it so I said he could drop the food onto it's tongue without touching it.
After the zoo John and the kids began digging the hole for my pond in the backyard. John was convinced it was going to be a 2 day project(just to dig the hole) and it actually only took an hour.
The kids only cared about all the worms they were finding. Ewwwww. I remember loving playing with worms when I was little too but now they give me the willies.

Mickey started a colony in his green bucket.

Digging, digging, digging.

John and I always say that out of the 3 of them, Mary Beth is BY FAR the grubbiest kid. She always gets FILTHY when she goes outside- which is fine- it's just funny because she's the only girl and always looks like a wreck compared to the boys.
Hello worms.
Fun day... happy memories.
Hope next Saturday is fun too!

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