Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the haircut part 2

Ok, here it is. If it doesn't seem extremely short to anyone go back and look at yesterday's pictures. Keep in mind that it used to TOUCH HER BOTTOM in the back. She loves it, it's so much healthier, it now takes John 2 seconds to comb through it, and it will be easier and cooler for the summer. But I'm still sad.

Hard to tell here but it is REALLY uneven. The right side is way longer than the left- I'm going to have to fix it after I'm over being traumatized from the last hair-cutting escapade.

She saw a picture of herself at the age of 2 with these "piggies" and now it's the only way she wants to wear her hair everyday. :)
The boys had their last CCD class of the year tonight- a big ice cream party with games and what not. They had the time of their life and came home with chocolate all over their faces.

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