Thursday, April 15, 2010

feeling crafty

I love this hand-spun/hand-dyed wool I got off etsy. The only problem is I only got a little bit(I'm not good at picturing how much such and such yards is in my mind) so all I could figure out to make was a little doll blanket for one of Mary Beth's doll's. Hopefully I'll have enough for that!! Look at those colors! I'm really getting into knitting lately. I taught myself to bind off using youtube so I was able to finish 2 projects that have been sitting in my knitting bag for months. What a relief!
Jeffrey and I had "craft time" together tonight before bed. He is working on making paper beads using cut up magazine pages and tacky glue. He won't tell me what the finished project is going to be though- he says it's a secret.
I kept doing things to make him laugh. Isn't he adorable???

Oh little Feffy- I love it that you still want to wear jammies that have baby dinos all over them.

You are so sweet and kind and happy all the time.
I loved our special craft time together tonight.

I can't wait to see the special project when it is finished!

Of course Mary Beth had to come down and check things out.

So careful and precise.

paper beads.

" the tacky glue must be applied with your fingers mom"

billions of cut up magazine scraps


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