Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter morning

The kids miraculously slept until 8:30 on Sunday so Mommy and Daddy were well rested for Easter festivities- thank goodness! First they found their baskets and took time to look at their treats. The bunny left paw prints on the kitchen table and had eaten all the carrots that we left for him.

Next came the Easter egg hunt. The bunny must have known that we are working hard at being healthy eaters because instead of filling the eggs with candy he filled them with legos! The kids thought that was the best thing ever. They had to get to work right away putting their creations together while Mommy started breakfast before church.
We had a fruit salad and my family's traditional Easter breakfast that Goma(my great-grandmother from Italy) and then my mom always made: Italian fritata. It has eggs, ricotta, and Italian sausage in it. Everyone LOVED it and there wasn't one piece left.
Then we all went to church and unfortunately I missed my chance to get a picture of everyone in their Easter clothes!?! They took them off so fast when we got home that I didn't even realize what happened. Oh well- they looked really cute. Jeffrey wore a tie for the first time and Mary Beth had her Easter bonnet and gloves on- just like me when I was little!
Easter Part 2 tomorrow...

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