Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shia's home!

This is Mickey and Jeffrey's good buddy Shia. They have been friends since they were 2 years old. We lived near them in Bismarck and then we all moved to Fargo at the same time almost 2 years ago. Shia is the sweetest little boy and can do the BEST monster noises. He and Jeffrey love to "snuggle-wrestle" and all the kids have the greatest time playing together.
Last week Shia and his family found out that he was very sick and need surgery this past Monday in St. Paul. The surgery went great but Jeffrey and Mickey were VERY worried about him. Jeffrey cried for days and even had to go see the school counsler one day because he was so upset. Today Shia came home and we all walked down to his house to welcome him back. He looked and acted just the same as he did before so the boys say they feel better now. :) We all prayed very hard for Shia and we are SO happy that he is home and doing well.

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