Monday, April 26, 2010

a Chuck E Cheese birthday

On April 10th the Websters and Jenny and Paul met us at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Mary Beth's birthday... I totally forgot to post the pictures until now!
As usual, the pizza was questionable and the germs were plentiful but the kids had a BLAST and that's what's important. (I repeat this in my head over and over while I'm there.)She's probably wishing for more tokens.

The Webster kids just 1 week before their baby brother arrived... they are so adorable! Boy, Annie is really going to be spoiled now with all those brothers! At least she has Mary Beth and vise versa.mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

Paul took a picture so I could be in it for once. It's so weird seeing myself in a photo. It reminds me why I don't like it. Ugh.

Little sweetheart. She's always so happy and quiet. I've never heard her cry or whine. Ever.

Jacob loved this game.

Jeffrey and Jacob look like they are brothers- always have. It's uncanny.

Jeffrey deligently spent lots of time hoisting Annie up into the tunnels and then traveled with her through them and then down the slides. Over and over. Mary Beth and Jacob helped too. It was so cute and they all loved it. Jeffrey is such a good helper and patient with little ones. He always tells me he's practicing for when he is a daddy. :) He is going to make a WONDERFUL daddy- just like John. John's sisters told me that when he was young and someone would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up he said "A Dad." :) I love that. And him. He's the best dad in the world.

I love taking Isaac's picture. He gives me this huge smile every time.

Here come the girls!
See!?!? That smile again! So cute!

Auntie Jenny made Mary Beth this adorable tutu. She loves it.
We sure had fun with everyone- thanks guys for coming to celebrate with Mary Beth! Chuck E. Cheese never disappoints...

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