Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 for Tea... bears required

Saturday morning Jeffrey and Mary Beth went to a verys special Teddy Bear Tea Party at Rheault Farm. They got to get all dressed up and bring a special bear friend along. They have been looking forward to it for weeks...

When we got there the kids got to pick out some fancy accessories to put on themselves and/or their bear. Mary Beth was already happy with her outfit(notice the gloves!) so she only added a large pink jewel ring but her little bear got several necklaces. Jeffrey picked a cowboy hat for Barnsie and some necklaces that didn't look to feminine(since Barnsie is a boy). He was also luckey enough to get his own chair next to Jeffrey!
They served fruit salad(which my kids ate most of the entire bowl), bagels(which Jeffrey ate like he'd never tasted one before), mini muffins, and a meat/cheese/cracker tray. I hadn't had breakfast and it was all I could do not to shove all of that yummy food into my mouth. But alas, no other mothers took a bite so I guessed it was probably frowned upon. Boo.
The only strange thing about the tea party was that there was no tea- nor any tea cups! I'm sure kids wouldn't want tea anyway but maybe a teacup would be neat since it was a tea party. Just an observation...
While they were eating an etiquette lady talked to them about manners. They must have taken it really seriously because last night at supper they kept reminding eachother of what to do with your napkin at different times of the meal. :)
They made bibs for their bears.
And talked about good manners some more...
And played a quick game of red light green light- not sure how that game had anything to do with tea parties but the kids thought it was fun so that's what matters!
Then at the end they made thank you cards for the person that brought them.
Here is Jeffrey's prize glasses from the game and also apparently ettiquitte doesn't come into play with there is one last double chocolate mini muffin to eat...
The lady was loving Jeffrey's outfit so she gave me her email address to send her some pictures for her to add to her website. He thinks that is the cat's meow.
They had a great time as you can see!

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  1. I love Jeffrey's outfit. He looks like a real gentleman.