Thursday, March 17, 2011

leprechaun shenanigans

the kids and their friends Norah and Emma(we watch them after school) got home today to discover that a sneaky little leprechaun had caused some problems in our house...
He had dumped out our tray of legos all over the place and built a 3 leaf clover.
He apparently had green paint on his shoes because he left footprints everywhere and then used some to leave us a greeting on the coffee table.
The prints led to the bathroom where we found he had turned water in the toilet green.
He also left the kids some Chuck E. Cheese "gold" at the end of Mary Beth's rainbow
and best of all he made them all so excited!
Look at these cuties.
I love special days...
After we were done exploring the kids colored some St. Patrick's Day pictures I had printed off.
Why isn't there a day like this for Italians????

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