Friday, March 25, 2011

beach day

Mary Beth's kindergarten class filled their good behavior marble jar so they were rewarded with a "beach day"! They got to wear and bring beachy stuff and they danced to Beach Boys music, layed on beach towels, and played with sand. She was so excited to go through her summer clothes bin and pick out a beachy outfit. She wore pants over her shorts to get to and from school (since it's still apparently the dead of winter here in the frozen tundra) but then when she got to school John said she wouldn't take them off! He said that lots of the kids had sweatshirts and pants on because they were so cold! :( Poor beach day. I had been saving some cute new flip flops for her and decided to give them to her this morning since last years looked prett-y bad. She was thrilled! I love it when they get to do special days in kindergarten- it reminds me of the good old days of pre-school... sigh...

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