Thursday, March 10, 2011

yummy doughnuts

Today and Monday was "Pastries with Parents" at the kids' schools. Since Amy was visiting she was able to come to the first one with us! The kids loved that- thank you Amy!(I know it was really early for you. and for me.)
The kids couldn't believe they were allowed to eat the whole doughnut(I never let them at home)- I don't know where they put it though! I barely could finish mine.
They even had sprinkles!
Mick was in seventh heaven.

Wow, I sure look tired! I wonder if I will be more of a morning person when I grow up. Does that ever happen? Or will I always feel like it's 3am when it's any time before 8am?
It's not like I enjoy being crabby and tired every morning!

Doughnuts inhaled and ready to start the school day...
I wanted to go home and crawl back into bed. But I didn't.
Amy and I went to buy tickets for John and Mary Beth to go to the Butterfly Ball(a father daughter formal dance in April- you have to get to the office right when it opens on 1 particular day to get tickets- apparently it's really popular!) Then we went to the local hippie natural grocery store and out to lunch at the Thai restaurant- yummy! It was a nice day- even though Amy had to go home. She was way more sad to leave Bella then us! We love you Amy- thank you for visiting and for taking such good care of Bella the last year! I know you miss her so much... she is still looking for you by the basement door. :(

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