Thursday, May 8, 2014

a walk to Old Fuzhou-3 lanes and 7 alleys{this time on our own!}

As I had mentioned in a previous post, we loved Old Fuzhou so much(and felt quite rushed while we were there) that we decided to us one of our free days to go there again- this time without our guide.  Even though we were driven there the last time, we found our that it was actually in walking distance from our hotel.  Not a super short walk mind you but totally do-able.  Ruby is so easy going and the big kids are always up for anything so we set off on foot on what had to be the hottest, most humid day of our stay in Fuzhou- ha!  This also ended up being a fantastic opportunity for us to really see the streets and life of Fuzhou.  We walked slowly and really took everything in.  We wanted to be able to share all of this with Ruby Mei someday since this was possibly her birth city.  
So the photos I am sharing here are mostly from the walk to and from since I shared so many from Old Fuzhou already.   Above is an apartment building.  
Below is... a man walking a turtle?!?!?  I love China.
Below is a little (shop?) where a man was literally going to be butchering these chickens and ducks on the side of the road.  We stared at these cages for quite awhile.  (the butchering had not begun yet)

 There were no birds left on our walk back.

 The streets are very clean but then we passed by this little alley and saw this... it seemed like it was from some demolition maybe?
 More apartment buildings... there are so many tall, tall apartment buildings.  This is so different from where we live so I was always very intrigued.  I loved how they dry their clothes from the balcony although it must take forever considering the humidity here!  We found out that most people do not own dryers so this is how they have to dry clothes all the time.
 Here is the entrance to 3 Lanes and 7 Alleys(Old Fuzhou).

 Below are the most amazing dumplings.  Our guide pointed to the place that sells them when were there with her and told us that they are delicious and very popular and to be sure to eat there if we came back on our own.  Boy, she wasn't kidding.  It is super cheap(I think about $1 for 4 of them) and we kept ordering "1 more plate" over and over again.  They make them right there in front of you.  It got to the point that the people there were laughing and anticipating John coming back to the counter again.  We could not get enough.  Even Ruby was gobbling them up!  If you are visiting here please do yourself a favor and eat these.  I do not know the name of the place but it is easy to spot(they make them in the front and it's open to the street.  I think it was near the entrance?

 A little tip:  they are scalding hot so don't just take a big bite into them unless you want 3rd degree burns.  We cut into them or took tiny nibbles. :)
 More pictures of the city from our walk home this time...

 A dentist office is pictured below!
We were so happy we decided to go back.  We had a wonderful time there(and on our walk!) taking our time and finishing our shopping for Ruby's future birthdays.  I can't wait to bring her back here someday when she is older- this city is so beautiful and interesting- I am so happy that she is from such a gorgeous part of China and that we all got to experience it together as a family.

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