Monday, May 5, 2014

Journey to Ruby Mei {Day 2 - part 2 Fuzhou, Fujian}

After a little rest in our hotel room after our busy morning, we went on a walk around the lake.  This is our favorite thing to do when it's not raining too much.  It is humid here and it rains many times a day but not long and not usually a downpour.  It's a good idea to always have umbrellas with you.
See Ruby's cute new shoes I bought today?? :)
Then it was back to the hotel again to get ready for our nightly walk to our favorite restaurant.  We got Ruby's jammies on before we left incase she fell asleep for the night at some point.  She doesn't take regular scheduled naps.  She just cat naps all day long.  She has yet to babble or cry.  I think she is probably in shock and just going with the flow.  She is very pleasant and sweet- she will smile and laugh loves for us to hold her.  Which we do a lot.  We did break down today and purchase a stroller.  It is VERY hot and humid, as I mentioned, and it will be even worse in Guangzhou and Hong Kong so we wanted the option to put her in the stroller here and there incase she is overheating in the carrier.  We broke it on our walk and she loved it.  It was only $20.  We were told beforehand not to bring our own- too much hassle- just to plan on buying one once we got here and I agree.  It worked out great!

Jeffrey loves to hold his new baby sister and gives her lots of hugs and kisses.  She really seems to love him and spends a lot of time watching all the kids with great interest.  Ruby is just a perfect fit for our family!  What a special way to add a new sibling.  The kids are in love.

And so of course is Daddy. :)  He and I usually fight over who gets to carry her in the Ergo(not literally!) ;)  We both just want as much time as possible touching and holding the sweet girl we waited so long for!  She loves being held equally by both Mama and Baba.  We are so grateful that she doesn't have anxiety with one of us.

I took a few pictures on our walk to our restaurant...
We walk past this hotel to get there: C&D Hotel.  It's right by ours and it is the other option for adoptive families.  We decided on the Lakeside because we could not get 2 adjoining rooms at the C&D.  They have an indoor pool though and the Lakeside does not.  But Maggie our guide gave each family passes to go over to the C&D to use their pool so that worked out good.  I also like the Lakeside better because it is RIGHT on the lake and we just walk down a path through a gate to the boardwalk.

Ruby loves noodles!  I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

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