Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meeting Ruby Mei {part 2}

 Here are some more pictures of Ruby's "gotcha day"- some are still in the room where we met her and then some are in the hotel, outside, and in our room.

 I just love these- I wonder what her little baby brain was thinking?  She studied us so carefully and thoughtfully.  She didn't cry or whimper- she seemed so content and peaceful.  I had prayed for her heart for so long before this moment- that she wouldn't be scared or worried.  That she would somehow be able to feel how much we loved her right away and know that we would always protect her.
Can you even imagine what it would feel like to be taken away from the only home you had ever had and be placed into the arms of strangers one day- into a whole new, different life?  We didn't talk the same, smell the same, look the same, touch her the same way... we were nothing like anything she had ever known!  This can obviously be extremely scary and traumatic for a child- plus it was pretty chaotic in the room- but Can Can just remained calm and took it all in in her own little way.  I will always be thankful that she had this peace.
 Here they had to take our picture for some documents.

 Sisters meeting for the first time and holding hands.  Mary Beth has been sleeping with Ruby's pictures since January and cried almost daily for her baby sister.  
Her sweet heart was so full of joy at this moment.  They will always share a special bond.

 These are a bit blurry but so sweet and special I had to share them.
I thought my heart would actually explode I was so happy on this day!

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