Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ruby's Medical and exploring The Garden {Guangzhou, Guangdong}

 This morning was baby girl's medical appointment.  Every adopted child has to have one in Guangzhou.  Ruby slept in and we didn't have the heart to wake her after her rough evening on the plane last night, so we called Elvin our guide and asked if it was ok to go a bit later.  Normally we would never have done that but when we left him the night before he have us the impression that we didn't really have a set appointment time.  So, we thought it couldn't hurt to ask.  He was totally fine with pushing the departure time back an hour!  We decided that I would stay back with the big kids and John would take CanCan.  We are trying to evenly distribute the time spent with each parent(for bonding purposes) and she is with me a bit more- plus takes the bottle better from me, so we thought this would be a good time for him to be with her- especially if she was scared and needed comforting... good bonding.

We were instructed before we left on the trip that this is not the time where you want to bring anything up and have a big chit-chat about any concerns.  The biggest fear that comes out of this appointment is that the doctors will be alerted to something that will in the end prevent you from leaving the country on time.  Ruby has had a cough and runny nose since we got her which of course they noticed but John didn't make a big deal about it.  She checked out totally fine but did not like being weighed as you can see.  7.4 kg... that is about 16 lbs... and that is after eating like crazy for the last week!  What a tiny peanut.

 All done and ready to go!  John said Elvin was so awesome... that he kept getting him in before other people and you could tell he had some connections and pull there.  We love him already!
 Super blurry but John tried to snap a photo of the vending machine full of wine on his way out.  He asked Elvin why on earth that was there and Elvin jokingly responded it was for the parents that just find out their child tested positive for TB and would have to stay in GZ for 6-8 weeks.  Oh boy!
 Meanwhile back at the hotel, the kids and I had discovered an amazing courtyard with a waterfall, ponds, koi fish, and gardens.  We were so excited to show John and Ruby when they returned!
 Happy to be back with the rest of the family!!
 Ruby loved the fishies and kept reaching for them.
 Look at this waterfall!  Isn't this cool to have right in the middle of your hotel?  I love The Garden!!

 Below is the view from our hotel room.  I kept wondering what was going on on the roofs of those buildings!  It is so muggy here that things look almost mossy.
 Ruby's preferred way of sitting in her stroller.  I'm sure it has a lot to do with her having very little core muscle strength... funny story:  a woman came up to John pushing Ruby and leaned over talking in Chinese and took Ruby's legs and put them in leg holes of the stroller.  I wonder if she thought we didn't know how a baby went into a stroller??  The kids were fit to be tied about it but we just laughed because as soon as the lady walked away Ruby pulled her legs out and plopped them on top of the bar again- ha!  She must like how it feels.  She was probably thinking: what was that lady's problem?? :)
It was time to get out of the hotel and explore Guangzhou!  Since we got in late the night before, we hadn't seen a thing.  We are so excited to be in our 3rd city of the trip and look forward to all there is to experience and discover here.  Nobody is sick, nobody is homesick, and Ruby is doing great!

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