Sunday, May 4, 2014

Gotcha Day before 3pm- day 5 {journey to Ruby Mei}

Sunday, May 4th 2014.  The day we became a family of 6.

I woke up in Fuzhou, China- the birthplace of our second daughter.
I checked the weather.
I checked on the kids in the adjoining room.

We went down to breakfast and were amazed by the wonderful buffet.

We met another American family with their new daughter.  They were leaving later that day. :(
Which was sad because they were really nice.  I took a picture of these notes so we could order food later if we found ourselves in a bind at a restaurant.

We went on a walk on the boardwalk by our hotel- it surrounds a lake it's gorgeous. 

The flowers are all blooming- and the weather is warm.  A welcome change from Fargo!

We spotted an amusement park further down and the kids became intrigued.

Palm trees!!
We saw a lot of wildlife:  fish, eels, egrets, rats(not kidding), large black bees, turtles, a baby praying mantis, giant(size of your hand) spiders... 

Fuzhou is beautiful- we love it here.

We went back to the room to call for the crib and get stuff ready for meeting our baby.  

It got really real when the crib was wheeled in.

 Then we went on another walk- all the way to the amusement park this time.  Look at these trees!
They sell baby turtles in plastic containers at the souvenir shop.  And goldfish.

People love Mary Beth and are constantly asking to take a picture of her or with her or both.  She is getting used to it- she says she feels like a movie star even though she doesn't want the attention.

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