Saturday, May 3, 2014

Our last day in Beijing

We were so sad that today was our last day in Beijing- we had such an amazing time there, learned so much Chinese history, and grew very fond of our wonderful guide David Wang.  We will never, ever forgot all of the exciting sites and adventures we experienced there.  I am SO glad that we decided to spend the extra time and money to add a stop in Beijing to our itinerary.  It was an experience of a lifetime for all of us.
 One last picture in our hotel before we headed off to lunch with David.  Our flight didn't leave until later in the day so he offered to take us to lunch at a very yummy restaurant in walking distance from our hotel before we departed.  It turned out to be one of our favorite meals!

 There's David ordering for all of us(he always asks for our input and then he orders what he thinks we will love and also tries to find some dishes he knows we already like.
That is our driver, Mr. Wu.  He also usually always ate with us.

 Mary Beth is practicing her chopsticks skills- we keep getting better!

 This is Chinese pizza.  David was very excited for us to try it and I must say- it was delicious!

 Beans and below is my favorite: Kung Pao Chicken.  Yay!!!
 Many restaurants bring big bottles of Sprite and beer to the table and then everyone shares them.  They are not as big as 2 liters so probably 1 liter I would say.

 We stuffed ourselves and then walked back to our hotel to get ready to leave.  
 David brought us to the airport, helped us with our luggage, checked us in, and then walked us to security.  Having a guide our first time in China is absolutely priceless- especially since we do not speak any Chinese!  David was so great- we are really,really going to miss him.  Especially Jeffrey... he really became attached to David and was like his shadow through the entire trip.

 After our sad goodbyes we found our gate and I checked out the vending machine nearby.  BEER!?!  And it's $1 USD...
 Don't mind if I do!
 All buckled in and ready to go!  By the way, we booked these flights ourselves using Ctrip.  It's a Chinese airfare sight and the tickets are quite a bit cheaper than going through a major airline.  It was all done online and easy-breezy.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking to book flights in country.

On our way to Fuzhou, Fujian and our baby girl!!!

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