Monday, May 5, 2014

Journey to Ruby Mei {Adoption Day! Fuzhou, Fujian)

Today was our first breakfast with Can Can.  We seriously had no idea what she normally ate or in what capacity.  The night before she ate anything we gave her but seemed to have a hard time with it and then in this morning she sneezed out quite a lot of food(leftover in her palate from last night's dinner I'm sure:/).  She ate some banana bread and congee this morning.  She slept all night last night in her crib by the way- no issues and no wake-ups.  Yay!!
Today was a very important day.  We had to go to the civil affairs office to complete the official adoption paperwork.  The last 24 hours(ish) are called the "harmonious period" during which you spend time with your new child and decide if you will go through with officially adopting him/her.  We  never even thought about it... we just looked at it like an extra day with our baby girl!

After signing and making our red thumbprint Ruby officially became our daughter forever!
She celebrated with a go-go squeeze.  Look at her precious face!
Then our guide took us and the other family to the Walmart to pick up some supplies.  We badly needed Ruby's special, preferred formula and bottled water.  We also grabbed some tiny shoes for her that fit a lot better than the ones she came to us with.  They only cost $1 and they are adorable!  Oh yeah, and we grabbed some beer too. :)

Here is the van that transported us and another family of 5 around.

We went back to the hotel and rested a bit and then went on a walk.
What a special day!  I still can't believe we have our precious little angel.

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