Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Journey to Ruby Mei {Our favorite restaurant in Fuzhou, Fujian}

 We've eaten here the last 3 nights.  We love it!  ***UPDATE: I recently asked our Chinese teacher to help translate the name of this restaurant for us and this is what she said:  Pronunciation of the restaurant in Chinese is "Xiao Xi Bang Yuan Wei Guan". Xiao Xi Bang is town's name or some place in the area, "yuan wei" means original or local, and "guan" means restaurant.*** 
She said your best bet if you are trying to find it is to just print this picture and show the concierge at your hotel and ask for directions.  If you are going to stay at the Lakeside or the C&D though, it is very easy to walk here.  

When you walk in there is a huge table with assorted seafood laying out for people to point to while they order.  Then there are aquariums on the back wall for the same reason.  We did not chose our dishes this way... but Mickey did love taking pictures of everything!

Our friends that traveled before us discovered and loved this place too. That is how we found out about it.  She told me that we will know we are in the right place if it reminds us of a pet store when we walk in. Ha!  And indeed, that is how we knew!  (just because of the aquariums, ect- no other questionable animals so don't worry!)

Ruby loves the food there too!


We always get fried noodles, fried rice, orange glazed pork, and then we choose something new for the 4th item.  Oh and sprite and Chinese beer.  Yummy!  Our total is always around $12 and we have leftovers every time.  We are really going to miss this place...

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