Wednesday, May 7, 2014

bubbles and smiles {some play time and bonding time}

 After our emotional morning at Ruby's orphanage. we decided to hang out back at our room for awhile and rest.  Since Ruby had napped already she was in a very happy, content mood.  It was a perfect opportunity for some quality play and bonding time!
 She does not know how to play with toys or even how to hold them but we keep showing her and we know that eventually she will learn.  She watches everything so intently- we can tell she is very smart- she just hasn't been exposed to much yet.  Plus we know that this is quite a traumatic time- her whole world has just been turned upside down!  I don't think we can fully understand how and in what ways that is effecting her at this time.  So we aren't worrying and are simply enjoying this special time of learning about each other,
 Ruby Mei love bubbles- she is so amazed by them!  I just had to grab my camera and capture her facial expressions while we talked to her and blew bubbles.

 She took a quick break to check out her trusty hand. :)  Her hands have been a special companion and a stimulus for her during her time at the orphanage.  It will take awhile for her to not need to do that anymore... but we think it will eventually happen as she is exposed to more language, nurturing activity and stimuli.  We are so excited to watch her learn and grow!

She is just so precious and beautiful- we cannot get enough of our sweet baby girl.
How on earth did our family get this lucky?  We keep asking each other this and marveling over our amazingly wonderful Ruby Mei.

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