Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Morning

I LOVE Christmas morning! This Christmas was so calm and enjoyable- everything seemed to be taken in slowly and each tradition was given a lot of attention. The kids also showed tons of appreciation for each present given to them- giving everyone hugs, kisses, and lots of "thank you's". We made a concerted effort this year to keep the gift-giving under control and not go over-board like past years. It really worked! The presents they received seemed more special to them- not just thrown into a pile of a million others. Everyone had the Christmas spirit and I think it was my favorite Christmas yet! Even my parents(who have been with us almost every Christmas morning since the kids were born) noticed a huge difference this year.
Notice I never make it in any pictures... moms are always behind the camara!


  1. intersting. still no mention of your favorite sister

  2. hahaha... I will dedicate a whole post to you tomorrow! promise!