Sunday, January 24, 2010

happy snowman

Yesterday Jeffrey went over to his friend's house to play so Mary Beth and Mickey built a snowman with our EXTREMELY wet snow that fell on Friday and Saturday. Awful snow to shovel(very heavy) but perfect for building snowmen! I even happen to have "real" carrots(the big kind instead of the tiny ones) so she(the snowman is a she according to MB) could have a proper nose. This has always been an issue in past years. :)

Today our friends/neighbors came over for coffee drinks and banana bread by the fire- it was a nice, cozy afternoon.

We didn't leave the house(except to shovel and snow blow) all weekend! We were supposed to have a bigger winter storm but nothing ended up happening today. It's very icy out there though and it's going to get COLD again this week. I guess I should just be thankful for the 30's weather we've been having for the past couple weeks. It actually made January in Fargo somewhat tolerable!

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