Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Cozy Cup of Cocoa

Today my little buddy helped me shovel and then played awhile in the snow. We had a winter storm today here. I'm not sure why I spent an hour shoveling when it all blew right back over as soon as we went inside... oh well. Mary Beth insisted that she need 3 large marshmallows in her cocoa- "no more, no less"(anyone recognize the Oswald quote?!?!)
She actually had quite a big day today... she spoke actual words in a audible tone to all 3 of her teachers at preschool this morning!! Why is this newsworthy? She was managed to go 1 1/2 years of preschool without saying more than 3 words to any adults! She has no problem talking non-stop at home though! She has selective shyness I believe- there doesn't seem to be a real rhyme or reason to who she will talk to. She is constantly surprising us. We have been really worried about what would happen in Kindergarten next year but recently she was begun talking to many more people and is very proud of herself. I'm not sure if we should make a big deal about it or not. Sometimes it seems like the people she talks to are ones that are very non-chalant around her. In any case, she is really getting more outgoing with others lately- while still remaining appropriately cautious with strangers(always a good thing).

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