Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Thanks, God, for snow which keeps me home to bake cookies.
Thanks, God, for children who laugh and cry and interrupt and learn and argue and love and grow up much too quickly.
Thanks, God, for a husband who can and does work hard and who, after all these years, still says, "I love you." And thanks too, God, for his employer whom I occasionally berate.
Thanks, God, for family and friends who love and support me in good times and in bad.
Thanks, God, for appliances that break down and pipes that freeze so that I don't take these luxuries for granted.
Thanks, God, for hurts of all kinds to better understand and help those who always suffer.
Thanks, God, for problems that I can solve so that I know I am needed, and for problems that I cannot solve so that I know I need others, and for problems that no one can solve so that I know that I need You.

I heard this at a MOPS meeting and asked for a copy- it's nice to read every once and awhile to remind myself to be "thankful."


  1. This is a great poem, thanks for pointing me here Missy. The broken pipes especially hits home right now, as I have no kitchen sink or dish washer because the pipe is broken and Kevin can't fix it until tonight. Sometimes it seems things like this won't stop. I am going to print the poem, though, if I can get the printer to work again. Everything seems to be breaking right now.

  2. I'm glad you liked it Jennifer! I'm sorry to hear about your pipe- hopefully your husband can fix it without any problem. Things always seem to go wrong in waves... but that means they have to get better eventually! Boy, you get up early! :)