Thursday, January 14, 2010

PAJAMA DAY at Preschool!

Mary Beth looks forward to this day all year... yesterday was PAJAMA DAY!! She was especially excited this time because she got matching pajamas for Christmas(they match her Bitty Baby) and couldn't wait to show her teachers and friends. They watched a movie during school(which they never do so it was a real treat) and even the teachers had their jammies on! By the way- Mary Beth now speaks to all 3 teachers on a regular basis and some kids. She told me she had just been waiting until 2010... I wish she had let me in on that plan a couple years ago...

Mary Beth starts out her morning at preschool the same EVERY time: play-doh. This time Suzie got to play play-doh too!

At this point she wanted me to stop taking 500 pictures of her(probably since NO other mother had their camara?!?)- but it was her last preschool pajama day!! I felt like crying...

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