Monday, January 25, 2010

snow day!!!

As you can see by this last picture visibility today was pretty bad. 50 mph gusts and light snow all last night and today(still going as I type) and so the kids had a snow day today and boy were they happy! Mommy and Daddy were too! :) We spent a relaxing day reading, watching a movie, playing pet shop, and lounging by the fire...I LOVE snow days! We are now waiting to see what the scoop is for the morning- we are really hoping for at least a 2 hour delay so that there's time to snow blow our way out of the driveway without having to get up at 5am(well- John, not me. obviously).
PS. I haven't been out of the house past the front walk since Friday at noon. It's beginning to set in. Not sure I want to drive tomorrow either- I'm sure the roads will be awful!

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