Sunday, January 31, 2010

phase 1 of a big girl bed

Mary Beth has been talking about moving out of her toddler bed for a couple of months now. Even though she would probably fit in her toddler bed until 4th grade(she's still a little peanut) we thought maybe a bigger, more comfortable bed would help her sleep better(translation: not wake us up 20 times a night). Before we ran out and bought a new mattress(we already have my old antique white iron bed set aside for her) we decided to make sure she would accept the transition- seeing as how this was the child who refused to move out of her crib until last winter. I took the mattress from the trundle bed in Mickey's room and just put it on the floor in her room. She LOVED it! She hasn't woken up during the night once since last week when she made to move, and she's sleeping quite a bit longer in the morning too. Guess we should have done this sooner! The problem now is that she doesn't want to have a "tall up bed"(the white one)- she just wants to keep a mattress on the floor!!! Reason being that the mattress is doubling as a trampoline. I'll let her keep it there for awhile...

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