Saturday, January 30, 2010

do you ever do this?

Yesterday someone came to the door seeing if I was interested in a free estimate on painting the house this spring. Why yes I was! I was so I told her to she could step in a minute(since it was about 40 below 0 outside) while I filled out the form. I was in a huge hurry because I need to pick up Mickey from skiing lessons in 1 second. She told me I had a nice house and I said thank you. Once she left, I looked at the entryway where she had been standing: boots, book bags, my purse, shoes, mittens, scarves, and hats were strewn here and there!!! I suddenly became horrified and embarrassed and began frantically cleaning it all up- even though I was already late leaving to pick up Mickey! Why was I doing this??? Did I think I could call her back and show her what it should have looked like? Did I think another person was going to randomly knock on the door any minute(even though this only happens about once every 2 months or so)? I'm not sure what I was thinking. It didn't make any sense yet I kept doing it until it was clean- then we left. There, I thought- all better. Has anyone else ever done this or am I the only nutcase out there?
And don't worry, Mickey was still skiing when I got there- even though I ended up being 1o minutes late. So no harm done.

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