Wednesday, January 20, 2010

happy colorful day

Apples and mangoes bought for Jeffrey... "I love mangoes Mom!" he informed me yesterday. He does???? So I went and got him some today- he's been kinda picky with fruit lately so I thought I better give him some he'll eat.
Clementines are Mickey's obsession!! He eats up to 6 a day if we let him. So when they go on sale I stock up- today I bought two bags- which will probably last about 3 days.
The kids either tell me they want a "monkey nana" (which means whole) or "banana coins" (which means cut up in pieces)- they've done this since they were babies. I think it's cute.
Jeffrey picked his crocodile shirt to wear for class picture day today. Hopefully this isn't the face he made for the pictures! Look at my new plants in the background- I wonder how many days it's going to take for my basil and rosemary to die. They never do well for me indoors... oh well, it's worth a try!
Today was "blue day" at preschool. Mary Beth was adamant that she had to wear jeans?!?!? I FINALLY convinced her she could wear this outfit since all her jeans were in the wash(big surprise). She did puzzles this afternoon- she's getting really good at them!
I needed something purple- our dora chair will work! I always contemplate getting rid of this and our dora couch but they remind me of when the kids were really little and I get all sentimental and end up keeping them. Plus they still use them!
Time to go do homework and start supper- my least favorite time of the day- why can't we just play all evening??

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