Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yunker's Farm!

Despite the fact that it was -5 degrees here AGAIN, we decided to brave the cold and spend the afternoon out at Yunker's Farm- a children's museum here in the Tundra. The kids had a great time! I'm sure they were just happy to finally be out of the house...

On another note... tonight at supper Jeffrey mentioned that when he got up and went downstairs to watch cartoons this morning he noticed it was still dark and then later when he had watched for awhile it got light out. Mind you none of the other kids were up yet and I remembered that when I was trying to fall back asleep this morning at 5:15am(after being woken up at 5 by Mary Beth who was upset because all her covers fell off her bed) I heard some ruckus in the hallway and just assumed that Jeffrey was going to the bathroom. Could he have really gotten up for the day at 5:15am?!?!?! That might explain why he cried five times today for nothing in particular- which is completely out of character for him. That little stinker! I better put a clock in his room asap. And teach him how to tell time better.

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